Best Sex Scenes in Mainstream Movies?

What do you say OG? I'm talking about major studio movies with big name actors.
A couple that come to mind for me;
Monster's Ball - Halle Berry & Billy Bob Thornton
Original Sin - Antonio Banderas & Angelina Jolie

Celebrity movie archive is a great website for such information by the way. Phone Post 3.0

Deliverance - Ned Beatty & Herbert "Cowboy" Coward

There was one in an HBO/Cinemax horror movie where this black girl had a hairy bush... It old now but when I was a kid it was awesome! Phone Post 3.0

Shower scene, American History X.

That sex scene with Jen Anniston.  Oh wait, nevermind, i'm thinking of the sex tape we made.

The one with jolie & Ethan hawke

Latest 300 movie Phone Post 3.0

Body of evidence- William dafoe and Madonna


Monsters ball Phone Post 3.0

the one where donald sutherland was really bangin that chick on screen. the title escapes me right now

^^^Don't Look Now?

Wet Hot American Summer. Bradley Cooper takes it up the pooper in like a camping shed. Can't watch his movies the same way anymore. Phone Post 3.0

Joe Dirt "I'm Your Sister!" scene.

Requiem for a Dream

I can't believe Bound was not in the first three posts!

Mulholland Drive had a pretty epic lesbo scene. Both those chicks were smokin' hot.

What about the lesbo scene with mila kunis and the other chick in black swan.

"freeze frame "
it had an awesome F on M rape scene (no pegging, just riding). Phone Post 3.0

Watchmen, night owl and silk spectre getting it on in Archie was pretty good Phone Post 3.0

Is 'Chuck and Buck' mainstream??

I was going to post monsters ball. Billy Bob had at it Phone Post 3.0