Best shin guards??

I am ready to buy a new pair of shin guards and wanted to see what everyon'e favorites are.

Ringside, century, Revgear, etc


I like Twins. Got them off the

I also heard a good review of the new revgear brand



I ended up going with the Revgear.

I saw a good review on them and the price was good..

I guess I will see how they are shortly

damn, I seen them advertized but I wasn't sure how good they would be...

Maybe I will pick up another pair for the gym.

I was real please with the ultralights from Revgear. I would recommend them

I double up on those white cloth shin guards- 2 on each shin/instep has an extreme amount of padding and is not too bulky. It's also very cheap, they are only 7.99 each.

I like my Thaismai

you actually wear shin guards?

the cheap Title ones work well-

Try AirMonkey Brand. They are a new product line straight out of thailand. High quality and the price is competitive.

The revgear seem pretty nice. The instep guard is very short, unfortnately.

I think they will work ok, but they are not pefect.

We actually made our own and are testing them out, now.

So far, they seem very good as well.

My brother prefers Fairtex and I prefer Revgear but I do wish the instep pad was longer but then again I got flippers for feet:0)

I only have a size 13 but half of my foot sticks out..

My toes and the lower third of my foot always takes a beating in practice so I would love to have more protection there..

DO have the ultralights from revgear?
Great Stuff