best site/place to buy a weighted vest?

I'm looking for a solid weighted vest to use while running, to simulate carrying a ruck sack. Anyone know a good place for purchasing such a product?


LittleMick, is that you? ;)

 I have a smartvest, which is extemely comfortable.  However, it cannot hold as much weight as other brands.

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LittleMick, is that you? ;)


It depends on how heavy of a vest you're looking to get. I know Wal-mart sells a 20 lbs vest in the $40-50 range. If you're looking for a heavier one, then you'll need to go online.

Wiggy - workout programs

If you are looking to economize, Wiggy's suggestion is spot on. If you want better quality high end stuff, has the best vests on the market, albeit the most expensive, but very worth it.

Smartvest is by far the most comfortable. It's also a bit pricey and won't go as heavy as some of the other vests out there. I love mine though and you can do just about anything in it without being impeded.