Best sparring gloves

My budget for some new sparring gloves is 120, I've been checking out the Tokushu Hayabusas and the Rival R2SVs with some other models. I hate fat girls and fat gloves... I'm after good protection and light gloves with durability, please enlighten me... Phone Post 3.0

For a 120 you can go Ringside IMF Tech. Very good mid level gloves.

Collin, I grabbed a pair of gel protex's from a local place and when they wore down I recently grabbed a pair of the higher-end version 'protex2' off the titleboxing website. Not the lightest in the world, but its doing my hands justice.

can't give you experience with anything else but Twins gloves were getting some love in a similar thread awhile back

Thanks guys! Phone Post 3.0

Ringside IMF Tech...I use these and I love it.