Best Spot For No Gi BJJ In Las Vegas?

Which Vegas gym is the best for no Gi grappling? I hear good things about Cobra Kai.

Drysdales in Vegas right? I'm sure that's a good bet Phone Post 3.0

There are a lot of great, great grappling gyms. Cobra Kai is amazingly great.

Why would you want to train anywhere but with Vinny Mags?

Syndicate. Phone Post 3.0


i guarantee you'll be satisfied...


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i guarantee you'll be satisfied...

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MexyCant - I wouldn't train with Vinny or at Syndicate after the Stall and ZZZfest he put on at Metamoris.

Plus, Vinny seems way too wrapped up in his own career instead of being a full-time instructor who is putting all his time into his students. IMHO I would pass and go to a full time BJJ or Grappling Instructor that isn't currently fighting or putting his "career" before his students.

Ive never been to Cobra Kai but a school like that makes way more sense than some factory like Syndicate where you are most likely "just a number" or "just a body."
I trained w him for years. Never had a problem. Everyone has their own experience I guess. Phone Post 3.0

Cobra Kai Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the advice guys, I'm going with Cobra Kai.


thatonedude - Where ever Cameron Diffley is.
He's in a park picking fights w the Diaz bros. Phone Post 3.0

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thatonedude - Where ever Cameron Diffley is.
He's in a park picking fights w the Diaz bros. Phone Post 3.0


I know the guy has to be like 236 years old by now, but Sergio Penha is a good choice.


MexyCant - To me and completely in my opinion, Syndicate wouldn't be a good place to learn BJJ and I wouldn't pick going there over Extreme Couture for MMA training either.

Been hearing lots and lots of good things about the resurgence of Coutures again and how lots of fighters at Syndicate are embarrassed as hell that their coach John Wood was on that reality show Couples Therapy and came off looking like a dumbass suitcase pimp to Jenna Jameson.

I mean if you're fighter training out of Syndicate, how can you really take your MMA coach seriously now after he was on that train wreck of a show and came off looking like a gold digging idiot?

Also what about this? Blue namer please

This is another coach from Syndicate. If you watch the video you will see Chaz Mulkey tell his opponent FUCK YOU BITCH after already beating him. True professionalism at its finest!! No way would I ever send my kids to that gym or to train with this guy Chaz after that display of poor sportsmanship. I wonder why Chaz hasn't fought since? Or maybe he can't get a fight now because he came off like a THUG

I will pass on Syndicate. In my honest opinion, I would go to Coutures for MMA, Cobra Kai or Sergio Penha's for BJJ and One Kicks for Muay Thai.

I would have recommended Drysdale's but he's a known steroid user now and that is a poor example of a teacher especially if you have kids.

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