Best Station Wagon?

everyone knows that real men and tru gag$tA$ roll in station wagons. my question is which does the OG prefer?

i'm a big fan of the Subaru Outback. it's a fine automobile. but who can forget such classics as the Ford Country Squire?

my vote will have to go to this beauty. behold! the 1997 honda accord wagon!!!

alright i'm going back to work now

the Chevy's that have the wardrobe siding IMO.

subaru WRX wagon.

The Dodge Magnum is awesome.

Im seriously considering getting one.

wtf is a station wagon?


no question

BEF -  M5 Wagon is the best. (not sure it's out yet?)..but that ain't bad!!

that's a Merc dude.

"The Dodge Magnum is awesome.

Im seriously considering getting one. "

Kind of cool in a gimmicky way but that car will be a piece of junk in a few years.

A station wagon is a grocery getter no matter how much gas the engine eats or how plush the bucket seating is.

Get a SUV and try to maintain some manhood.


Heres the M5.  I like the looks of the Audi better but Im admittedly biased, since I drive an audi....

Mazda 6 wagon isn't too bad.

220hp V6, available manual transmission, and enough space behind the back seat for a Rottweiler.

sheeit. Thats hot^^

damn nice Merc.....I'd still take the M5 though!!!

The Audi A6 would be my chioce, but I never knew BMW made one. I like the wagons for hauling the dog(s), and I'm not a SUV believer due to gas mileage and the high center of gravity.

Wagons have a better weight distribution than sedans which is why you'll often see them in rally racing circuits.

Mini Cooper

Mr.Negative....On the off chance that I could afford that car (I can't), I'd just import it.

Mr. Negative,

There is talk of it for late 2008, but that's just talk.