Best Sub $200 Wireless Headphones/Earphones

Lost my second pair of headphones in a Seattle Uber. So time to go for round 3.

Originally had Sennheiser Bt440s and then got a set of AKGs. Hated the AKGs, not too upset about losing them.

Looking for some recommendations. Also open to wireless earphones. Most important thing for me is audio quality. Not too concerned about battery life.

Edit: No fuckin beats.


Over ear or in ear?

Open to both.

I had an amazing set of Shure EC3s years ago. I have a set of Mackie IEMs but they’re not great audio quality.

At home I have two pairs of Beyer dynamics headphones, open back. Amazing.

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Man this Shure aonic series looks nice…

Oh. You have good taste in gear.

I really like the Bose QC35 or 45 for noise cancelling, flights and travel. They re a little higher than your $200 price point, but I have used the pair I have for about 5 years. I have only replaced the ear pads for 20 bucks on Amazon.

Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling, with Alexa voice control – Limited Edition Triple Midnight

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If I was going to spend that kind of money on in-ears. I would get custom molds done. Someone like 64 audio or ultimate ears. Then they fit to your ears.


I’ve had JBL, beats, and Sony.

Don’t recommend any of them


Comfortable, sturdy/ waterproof, and they allow you to hear ambient sounds because they don’t go in your ears.


How much are sony xm4s in freedom land?

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Looks like $198 in my part of freedom land.


My ears are really weird, I prefer using foam in ears rather than molded or the rubber cups.

My only concern with in ears is if I will get the same bass response and overall quality. Like I said I got a 150$ pair of Mackie in ears and they’re really disappointing. They’re great as IEMs for live playing, but if you want quality sound it ain’t there.

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Due to my cauliflower ear I can’t use in ear, so I went with skullcandy, very happy with them

Good timing. I am shopping for a nice pair of noise cancelling headphones.

I had a set of Bose over ear but they started falling apart after a couple years

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There are some replaceable in ear molds that work like the rubber ones.

They are made by comply.

COMPLY Foam Tx-500 Ear Tips for KZ ZS10, ZSN, AS10, ZAX, ZSX, Moondrop Starfield, Aria, Kato, Fiio F9, Aukey EP-B40 and More | Ultimate Comfort | Unshakeable Fit | TechDefender | Medium, 3 Pairs, Black

Those are the ones I used for in ears instead of the rubber tips.

If not those, I would go over the ear.

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So what are you thinking?

I’m still torn between in ear and over.

I am liking the Shure aonic line. Wish I could try some out.

I got these for $100

Sony wh-1000xm4. Great for music but absolute dog shit for talking on the phone.

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Sony WH-XM1000 mark 4.

They are $349. I’m aware that is outside of your price range, but you need to spend more. The problem you’re looking to solve here is leaving valuable stuff behind. Making it cheap enough to afford the losses will only serve to not correct the behavior and compound the losses. Make it valuable enough to care and serve your taste while you’re at it.

Do not get the mark 5; it is substantially different.


Just get them from a place that allows you to do returns easily. I would order both from Amazon with a card. Then return the ones that don’t have what you are looking for.

i have the sennheiser bt 440 now, they are ok, picked them up cheap, but if ur budget is closer to $200, then look at the “higher” quality models.
i looked at the audio technica ath m50x , they were nice

I have the bose Bluetooth quiet comfort and apple airpods pro. Recommend both.

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