Best subs on ADCC 2003?!?

Of course Shaolin gettin' smoked by Marcelo is a good one...So is Listers kneebar on idontknowwho. Which others are good haven't had time to watch all of them...

Lister kneebarred Saulo, ankle locked Cacareco and kimura'd Marquardt

Garcia choked Arsdale, Kunioku, Shaolin and Olson

MrKulic heel hooked Yagai

Baret def Toida and MrKulic: rear naked

Soca guillotined Hansen

Bravo triangled Royler

Jacare armbarred Lindland

Papodopolous guillotined Kronenberg

Einemo choked Brandon Vera, Popodopolous and Cacareco

Cacareco kneebarred Xande, guillotined Cumprido and Reese

Werdum armbarred Arsdale, Lindland and Shoji

Pe De Pano guillotined Negao and arm triangled Werdum

Guys were getting their asses tapped out left and right! I gotta get these DVDs.

Is there anywhere you can get the fights not on the three disk set?

I'd really like to see more of Baret and Einemo from that tournament.

give terrell some love damnit.
He basically broke alamedas ankle

Personally, I don't like leglocks. Therefore, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lessons administered to Matt Lindland by Fabricio Werdum and Jacare (both were armbars) are my favorite submissions from ADCC 2003.

Werdum's armbar from the back against Akira Shoji was pretty nice too.

Forgot about that...

Terrell straight ankle locked Almeida

Negao kneebarred Arsdale

alot of those subs above arent even on the dvd :(

budo videos has the japanese version of adcc 2003 has anyone seen it. and if so does it have any of the missing matches?