Best Sudo entrance

I have a guy at my gym who had not until recently seen Genki Sudo.I was telling him that even more entertaining than his fights were his prefight entrances.Which ones do you think I should bring into the gym and have him check out?

The one where he is dressed as a Geisha with the fan, and the one where he has the flames coming out of his head.

The one for the Butterbean fight was good, for no other reason than the Cheerleader falling on her head.

Butterbean was my favorite, the baseball/Wild Thing combination was awesome.

Butterbean was by far the best

I dunno Clayton, make me a compilation and send it to me. :)

bring in a few of them, and let him decide which one he likes best.

or, if you have the time, compile all of them onto one tape and let him borrow it

The Wild Thing Baseballe entrance was cool, but i liked his very first UFC entrance as it was the first time I saw this guy.

Register at and do a search for "Genki"

Several great HL clips, the one by Beatrice is pretty funny.

Subfighter is a great site so please support them.

The Major League entrance before the Butterbean fight was awesome. Dressed like Rick Vaughn, complete with the glasses and adding "Peace" on the jersey. LOL.

The monks carrying him to the ring before the Pederneiras fight was great, too. And his SWAT team entrance before the Marquardt fight. And his dancing robot routine before the Kraus fight.

show him hero's genki sudo highlight

shows his entrances and his fights

one of the coolest highlights I have seen

...his entrance for UFC 38 was pretty cool

but all of them are lol

His Metallica intro was surprisingly embarassingly bad imo. The guys he had dancing with him looked like a gay Japanese biker gang and seemed like they were straight out of Michael Jackson's "Bad" video.

Floppy,which fight was that?

the butterbean entrance

I happen to love Genki Sudo & almost everything he does. His ability & technique are incredible, his unpredictability is captivating, his flair from start to finish is awesome, his respect for fighters is wonderful to see, and I think he and Sakuraba have brought a showmanship to MMA (in a respectful way) that makes them truly mezmerizing.

I know that the people I talk to about him (or them...he & Saku)....cannot wait to see them. They really have made an awesome SHOW at their fights. I know this is a Sudo thread, but I just got done watching the Sakuraba HL vid by RobbyPark....WOW!...If you watch that HL, you'll understand exactly what I'm saying

matthew, i have alot of them

Ryan G is correct. The "Major League" entrance is the coolest thing in the history of the planet Earth.

L! O! V! E!


The wild thing one is my favorite one too but he also has some which I think are really fucking lame such as his aztec warrior one when he fought Royler

I liked the Pedeneras fight entrance the best..where he was carried to the ring like the old school Macho King Randy Savage (if anyone remembers that). My least favorite is the KFC bucket helmet entrence

Miller, it was in his last K-1 max fight. Genki fought some boxer named Michael Lerma.