Best Supplement to cut weight?

I am trying to slim and I would like know which supplements would help.I plan on running and lifting and drinking lots of water to.

Check out their prodects are really good.






Cuts II!!!


Winstrol V

Winnie is correct

Look into a product called AMP by Ergopharm. There's a few threads floating around on here about it. It works exactly as claimed, which is extremely rare for any kind of supplement.

Hot Rox worked well for me.
go here, click fat burners and HotRox.

Before you start supplementing consider that if your diet isn't straight then the supplements are just covering up other problems.

  1. You've cut sugars out of your diet. This means no soda, juice, most fruit, milk, etc. Look at the nutrition labels, if they say anything more than 1g of sugar, don't eat it. Also look at the ingredients, anything with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, corn starch, etc.

  2. You've cut out starches (especially anything with flour to which a lot of people have low level allergies) from your diet like bread, milk, chips, potatos, peas, pasta, rice, etc.

  3. You're drinking a ton of water, to the point where you are forcing yourself to drink more. Do at least three liters a day. Weigh yourself before and after training and drink the weight difference in the next couple of hours.


Definitely Winstrol, worked for Tim Sylvia...

cocaine imo

Some of my friends did a cycle of dnp and were really happy with the results, although you sweat yellow and it supposedly makes your urine flammable

No supplement will heed any serious results like hard work. Jack Shrimp brought up some good ideas. Cutting sugar, cutting calories, eating more frequently in smaller portions, drinking water, eating a diet with a higher ratio of protien vs carb comsumption. And then comes intense exercise which sprint related drills are noted to burn off the most fat more quickly.


Sweat and a proper diet