Best supplements to lose weight???

For the first time ever, I have hit a plateau at 185lbs and can't seem to get below. I was about 160 - 165lbs for 2 years and moved up in weight (by request) for one fight. Immediately after, I dropped back down to 160lbs, but graduately went back up in weight to 195lbs. Now, I am trying to get back down, but can't seem to go below 185lbs.

I do basic strength exercises like pushups and situps and eat a high protein / low carb diet. Is there anything out there (inexpensive) to help facilitate the metabolic process that works well?

Thanks in advance. I want to get in position to fight at 155lbs, if it is possible. I definately don't want to stop working out and cut any lean muscle and think I have enough fat to burn away.

C'mon, someone must know something here...

ANY advice is better than none.


Actually I had a whole post laid out for you but then the site crashed as I went to post it. Here are some thoughts you may like or not.

1) For supps, I'm not an expert, I hear goods things about hot-roxx, but its pricey, and r-ala.

2) Some better advice would be to maybe revamp your workout. Maybe get on a lifting program (Check the net, also look at Wiggy's stuff). If thats not your taste try out Scrapper or Ross's stuff, both are top notch. Some cardio would be benefical.

3) Keep a food log. Sounds dumb but you be very surprised.

4) Go to, ton of diet info there as well as here.

Sorry if this is not what your looking for.

Thanks. I really appreciate your input.

Could you tell us more about your diet/exercise program? If your looking for pills to make you burn more calories, there are lots of options. It's better for you to make sure your diet is solid before pumping a bunch of caffeine into yourself.

My diet is more like Adkins. I really center my meals around beef.

I just do basic exercises like pushups, situps, jumping jacks, some power walking, and treadmill.

Yes, definately interested in pills.

45 min to 1 hour of cardio in the morning on an empty stomach. It sounds like hell but it's really easy if you start out with low-intensity stuff (eg when you're doing cardio you can still carry on a conversation if need be).

This, plus a sound diet really worked for me.

Thanks guys.

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There are pills that increase metabolic rate, such as Chromium Picolonate (sp?).

Dont be so sure, I dont think chromium has been proven to do anything at all...

Well, that is a sad thing to know.

How about those "Stackers" that claim to be the best fat burners on the market?

chromium sold as a fat burner - won't burn fat. chromium sold as a metabolic aid - won't speed up metabolism

the one thing that chromium does is increase insulin sensitivity. but it is also toxic, amounts are too varied with each individual to post accurate numbers. So where does chromium get it's clout from? well ever heard of diabetes? chromium began it's journey and had decent results, but wasn't marketed nor presecribed as a treatment for diabetes. Pharma-companies figured it can make even more money selling it to the millions of physique challenged people in the world (which out numbers the diabetics), namely the U.S. How? by taking the results and getting some spokespeople in the fitness world to push this stuff. So it does nothing more than benefit insulin effectiveness within the body.

other than that i second what roc311 had to say. also to add that hot-rox is the only LEGAL burner that works. all the other ephedra-free stuff ARE ineffective compared to hard work. Find us all an individual that has given all credit of weight & fat loss to the ephedra-free pill rather than the workouts and diet adjustment. Yeah, the Anna-Nicole Smith commercial makes the couch potato think it was just Trim Spa Ephedra-Free because she was quite the sow yrs before.

To receive results one must put in hard work. Without hard work the question shall be, "what is the next pill I need to take?" How can one be satisfied if they haven't earned it?

I exercise every day, pushing myself to the limit.

I am just at a point where I haven't been able to get under 185lbs, a first for me.

Just looking for something to assist in the process, not take the place of old fashioned sweat and aches.


How about Hydroxycut, does it work???


Thanks for all that info. A good read!


Thanks everyone for your input. (thermorexin and lipogenex)

I would alter the advice given by Derick. It is WAY OFF!!Sorry bro, but your info if flawed. His dosing for ephedra is too closely spaced. If you are recommending ingesting 3 25mg servings of ephedra in a 6 hour period that is TOO MUCH. I normally wouldn't disagree so strongly but this is the shit that got it banned. You could have this guy shaking and puking on day one if he jumped into this schedule! Do you even know this guy. If just happened to do cardio after that instead of before you may put him in the ER. Please try to tell me I'm wrong. And please elaborate on how red meat makes ones body run slower!! What the fuck does that mean? And thats great vague advice on the thyroid supplements. Do you know the difference btween T2 and T3, it's somewhat important. You need to brush up on your info a little before you start giving advice on fat burners and thyroid products. Byron would be best served to ignore your suggestions. Straight up.