Best Swede in the league

actually, is ppg doesnt tell you much at all about how good of a GOAL scorer they are. Take forsberg for instance, he has alot of points but most of them are from assists.

Goals-per-game is better, but still not the best way to determine how consistant they are/were since your average will typically decrease with the more games you play in a season. Your average will also go down if you play for along time like Messier. Messier is one of the best/most consistant goal scorers the game has ever seen but he has played so much and for so long that his average isnt too impressive. Incase you're wondering its .39 goals per game which isnt bad but not great, but he is just shy of 700 career goals.

The best way to determine how consistant they are is to track their stats throughout the season and from year to year and try to keep informed about the player. Like Kariya has been putting up shitty numbers this year, but he has had a bad wrist for like what, half the year? It hurts his consistancy, but its not like it was his fault, it was because of a bad wrist.

Kent Nilson, Hakan Loob, and Mats Naslund.

LOL nice try at the deflection Hammet.What's with the obsession over pete's career point totals? You can still keep the poster over your bed, as long as you still think he's the best, that's all that matters.

Like you with linden?

actually, the only avalanche shit I own is a Hejduk fig, a front licsence plate(which won't be put on my truck) and 2 shirts, the CCM Hockey one and a longsleve Blueline shirt

Hehe nah i only bring up Linden mostly in jest but he has proven to be a very steady playoff points guy.Most people don't realise how much of a playoff performer he has been, he's up there with anyone in pts per playoff game.

We all know how good Forsberg is, it's why we give you a hard time about him.You're just pointing out the obvious with Peter, it's kinda funny.

I just bought a Naslund autograph card for $5.00. Forsberg's is usually around $30.00. Nuff said.

lol well that definately settles it.

But wait i just found a Brendan Shanahan autographed card for over $40, he must be even better then.

I got a personal autograph from Shanahan and it was free.

I bet if he found out you were in love with forsberg he'd try to take it back. lol.

Why don't people just give him credit for being not only the best Swede in the league, but the best player in the league. He tied the Jagr record for most playoff games with a point yesterday, nobody playing right now scores more in the playoffs than him. He is the best player in the league, the players will tell you, the coaches will tell you, and the smart fans in the league will tell you. He is followed closely by Naslund in the best Swede department, but the like of St. Louis, Sakic, Ila, Nash, Yzerman, Lang, Hejduk, Tanguay, are better than Naslund.


"Why don't people just give him credit for being not only the best Swede in the league, but the best player in the league."

Because he's neither.

Hey GayfireMk, good one!

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Hey GayfireMk, good one!

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funny that someone who has wet dreams about forsberg would imply that someone else is gay. lol.

Hey GayfireMk, good one!

Naslund doesn't get concussed and miss over a week he'd have won the scoring title hands down.Dracul, Forsberg a case can always be made for, none of the others are better than Naslund though.

If forsberg didn't fuck his groin and Tanguay didn't jack his knee...Nasland would have been a distant memory of the scoring race

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Hell, if Forsberg had balls, he'd be a real hockey player.


There really are a shitload of good Swedes playing nowadays. A lot of them play physical and with heart. The NHL has come a long ways!

Of course it goes without saying that Forsberg is the league's best player.