Best sweeps video?

Ok, so i'm thinking i really need to start working sweeps more, 95% of the time i work submissions from guard which normally works pretty good, but i'm aiming towards MMA, and the past two times i fought i got to guard and was working submissions which then didn't work out. My wrestling sucks so i won't get on top that way so i figured i'd better work my sweeps :)

SO! I'm thinking what is the best sweeps tape out there, i have started training in a gi the past few months, but i'm mostly a nogi guy and i'd prefer a tape that has at the very least moves that are applicable with some modification to no gi, so nothing too gi specific :o Any oppinions on this?

Dynamic Guard Sweeps Vol. 1:
The Butterfly and X Guard
Guard sweeps get you from the bottom to the top in grappling situations. Sweeping an opponent is a very important, yet difficult, skill to master in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, submission grappling and mixed martial arts. The butterfly guard and X guard, working together, give you some of the most powerful sweeps available...

pretty advanced stuff. ASnd Stephan knows how to teach the material as well as ANY instructional out there.

my 2 cents.

Stephan's sweep tape is awesome and is really helping me with my butterfly guard. JJ Machado's "Becoming a champion" also has some good moves from the half guard and butterfly guard, as well as some guard passes.

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