Best tackle ever

Mr Boris Johnson with the good old fashioned headbutt to the bollocks!

Sometimes I can see youtube from work..some times not.

Now = not.

Is it better than Cantana's 2 footed lunge back when he was in the French League?? That has been my all time fav for a while now.

It's absolutely brilliant. He takes a run up of about 15 yards and just runs straight into the German bloke, head straight into ze knackers.

shit...forgot to watch this last night...

It's a corker.

LOL...that is awesome.

And he trots off after like it's nothing...

LOL, I read him being interviewed about it. Fucking hilarious.

LOL. I'd love it if he were Prime Minister. Britain takes itself entirely too seriously nowadays.

ttt for headbutting Germans in the crotch. Fantastic