Best Tactic in MMA!!! by genius

  1. Close the distance

  2. takedown and strike if you can

  3. if you can't takedown, strike from standing at 0 distance


Vs. Standup Striker

  • they have to work to create distance

  • you can lean and make them hold you up

  • if you take them down, you've got the superior position to strike from

Vs. Jiu-jitsu

  • if they get the takedown, get back up if you can

  • if you get the takedown, strike from superior striking position

  • if they go for submission, sit-up (the universal defense against submission attacks from the back)


  • this approach requires the mastery of the fewest number of techniques

  • forces opponent to play your game (they're best response is to play the same one)


"this is obvious"

  • if so why don't more fighters employ it

fedor creates standup distance easily

  • fedor's a super-athelete, an exception. If he fought someone at his level could he still do that?

can be a boring approach if not athletically and technically superior to opponent

  • true, Matt Lindland is probably the architypal example of this approach. He's awesome, but his fights can be boring, as he smothers opponents strikes but is sometimes unable to hurt them with his own.


 - genius
  1. What

  2. The

  3. Hell?


  • dumb


  • dumber.


  • lawdog


I'll try defending all submissions using sit-ups tonight in class, will this work against my coach Russ Miura? Am I looking for all the way down sit-ups or crunches? I'll respond back with the results, wish me luck!

Guys it works! Russ's heelhooks were totally nullified by my situps. Reps of 50 seemed to work the best.

Haulport, you bag, but you can read.

Hughes vs. Penn II another point in the argument.

If you can read, you can see too.