Best takedown defense?

Who are the top three with the best takedown defense?

Can be any weight class.


Quick KO.

Gary Hughes

You. Judging by your profile

Coleman. Rizzo. Chuck. Cro Cop.

Definitely Chuck and Crocop and i would have to throw in...Fedor? (even though he got spiked)

Rich Crunkilton's takedown defense against Hermes Franca was ridiculous.The guy had crazy hips.I'd say he has the most underrated takedown defense.

Prime Ken Shamrock.

The fuck? Nobody has mentioned Randy Couture yet? Go and rewatch his fight with Tito!

Also Ken Shamrock, Lidell and Rampage.

estarriol, I pretty much agree with all of your choices. Randy for sure. Look at his last three fights ( Chuck, Tito, and Vitor.) It is hard to imagine anyone else in that division fighting all three and not having a clean take down scored against them. As good as his take down defense is his actual take downs may be even better.

No one mentioned here has better takedown defense than Coleman.

Coleman has never been taken down, and is a HW, therefore we must assume his is the best.

Coleman definately. It is going to be a world class wrestler. Chuck was easily taken down by Couture multiple times, Fedor was taken down by coleman and twice by Randleman, Cro crop wouldn't be able to stop a high level wrestler from taking him down.

coleman also says randleman has never taken him down in training! shoji did get him down kinda but the ropes were in the way

"coleman also says randleman has never taken him down in training! shoji did get him down kinda but the ropes were in the way"

I got the impression that it would have wound up in a scramble if not for the ropes. Coleman was upside down but not really on his back or anything.

I'm sure Randleman has taken Mark down in training.

Isn't that how Mark's neck got messed very badly?

Actually, It is probably Tom Erickson.

Crocop is not.

He has never really fended off a wrestler of equal size (you could argue he thawrted Randleman's first attempt but I dont really count that).

Though he is good at stopping the takedown its not so much his wrestling as his opponents giving him respect for his standup and therefore they shoot from further out.

Out of the mouth of Randelman and Kerr

"I have never EVER taken him down once in all my years of training with him"

About Coleman.

Frye almost had Coleman on bottom in Pride. Coleman somehow managed to fight out of a fully sunk ankle pick type of takedown where his knee was totally bent. Suprised the shit out of me. Kerr never taking Coleman down shocks me as well. Does that mean that Coleman takes both of them down routinely or do they all stalemate each other and usually start on the ground?