Best tape on shoulder/arm choke?

What would some good tapes be on the shoulder/arm (bicep choke)choke like Shaolin often finishes with. Set ups and entries from different positions is what I would be interested in.



Are you talking about the side choke (kata-gatame in judo)?

There generally isnt too much out there that specifically addresses this move, but Sperry shows some good stuff. Along with watching Shaolin, watch some fight vids of Sperry, Wallid, Bustamante and even Minotauro as they have finished people with this move. After watching some of these vids and practicing, the shoulder choke from on top has become one of my moves.

Jeremy Horn used a nice one from the bottom to put Chuck Liddell to sleep. I forget the UFC though.

biggy-g any idea which Sperry series or which tapes that he adresses it?

I think it might have been either VT1 or sub wrestling or both. I think the way he covers it in VT1 may be a bit old so the sub wrestling series is probably a better bet because I think he covers more entrances to it.... including the one shaolin used.

Thanks biggy-g. Jonpall yes that is what I am talking about.