Best tea for general health(?)

I looked through the board and did not find anything, so I appologize if this has been discussed before.

I want to switch from the crappy office coffee to tea. Anyone recommend a particular brand/type? Something that will help with general health and weight control.

PG Tips, milk 1 sugar.

green or white

Found this, check it out.

I usually drink Celestial Seasonings Decaf Green Tea with Mint or Celestial Seasonings White Tea with Peach. Love them both but I stick to the decaf b4 bed,

I don't know what antioxidants are in green or white tea, but keep in mind that not all antioxidants are beneficial. I personally prefer to oxidize fat.

chamomile tea is great for a good nights sleep. Drink an hour before bedtime. good night!

Cocoa has antioxidants, i'm not aware of coffee being a good source though, definitely not as good as green tea.

I just CANNOT live without my coffee. Two cups every morning. But I don't want to drink the crap in my office, it absolutely stinks. Plus I don't want to drink too much of the stuff.

I'm not sure why it tastes so bad, I think it is because the people there make it too watery.

Anyway, I'm drinking black tea, green tea, and the regular orange pekoe mix stuff. I add two teaspoons of honey and about a teaspoon of lemon juice. Tastes good and fixes my jones for something hot.

Get green tea and kombucha tea....swwtch back and forth between the two....and you will have great results...

White tea is a little bitter in taste. I mix between green and white.

One tea that is apparently better than green tea, but most people haven't heard of it, is Rooibos tea from South Africa. (Rooibos is Afrikaans for 'Red bush'). Very healthy and not as bitter as green tea (I have quite a sweet tooth, but can drink rooibos without sugar and still enjoy it :)

The best thing is to first make sure that your body has everything that it needs to do its job in taking care of itself (nutrition).
As for supplements, a new and pretty amazing (based on anecdotal evidence) dietary supplement is Phytoplankton (Marine Microalge) from the west coast of Canada.

Compare it to any vitamin or other supplement.. You will see...

You have to check it out. Well worth your time, I'll guarantee that you wont feel like your time was wasted looking at this stuff.

Read about it here

I have been taking it for about two months. The first thing that myself, my son, and our bjj professor noticed is that our mental clarity increased.. almost immediately...

Ahhh...rooibos. It's what I drink. Started in the 80's with green, then moved to white about 6 years ago and to red about 3 years ago. It's fantastic.

But I'm an espresso junkie. Triple shot, then the rooibos tea and you're golden.

JKA - the office scheisse you mention is mostly likely robusta beans versus arabica. Arabica beans are higher quality, better tasting and less caffeinated. Yep, that "cup of joe" which seems watered down has more caffeine, but less taste.

They say Acai has more antioxidants than anything..