Best Tequila between up to $100?

Reposado? Might go well in a margarita, añejo or higher for sipping.

Strong disagree. Reposados are the best if you want pure tequila flavor.

It’s aged 6 years but can’t legally be called an Extra Añejo since it wasn’t aged in the standard barrel size but in Pinon barrels.

There are also plenty of Blancos and Reposados that are are sippers.

Good to know, tequila is a journey, I don’t even know how to find a reposado like that.

What do you think of the Clase Azul lineup?

Clase Azul is garbage! It has glycerin to manipulate the flavor to a sweet profile. I poured out all the my garbage additive tequila.

Good to know, it was on the shelf, above, the Fortaleza añejo I bought!

100% agave tequilas reposado or older are allowed up to 1% additives. If you want to be sure there is nothing, go blanco.

Non 100% agave tequila can have up to 49%.

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I keep them in my collection for the girls that come over or people I don’t want to share my good stuff with. There is a $35 bottle that is the same stuff Clase Azul anejo. Its under a different name same NOM. Eventually you evolve past the nonsense that’s gaining popularity, unfortunately.

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Happy National Tequila Day!


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