Best testosterone supplement?

Feel like I need to give my test a boost. Can't go to the doctor about it now so I'm looking for, anything from gnc that works in giving a spring in my step, libido, stamina..etc?

I remember couple years ago I was using novadex while working out heavily and it seemed to work but I heard they discontinued it. I'm not working out as much as I used to but would really like advice on anything that would help me as I get back into shape, fight the fatigue and give my libido (an 'blood flow') a needed lift Phone Post

? Looking for something I can get at a Gnc, vitamin shoppe ...etc Phone Post

 The best way to boost Test naturally (without exogenous sources) is to perform Brief bouts of Extreme High Intensity exercise.

Two simple methods

1. Sprinting All-Out 10-30 seconds. Repeat 6-10 times 1:3-5 work to rest ratio.

2. Strength training: Brief Intense workouts that last 30 minutes or less, consisting of sets taken to failure that last approximately 30-50 seconds. Minimal rest between sets.



For real.


Taku, thanks for posting this concise solid advise we can all use

noob stupid question alert:
(there should be an FAQ somewhere for people like me not up on basic terms)

"sets taken to failure" meaning what re: amount of weight/number of reps? I've been doing 5x5 w/increasing resistance across the sets

I work out twice/week beyond BJJ/NoGi and the cardio/circuit training we do there, always looking bang for your buck with my solo exercise program

ZMA works to keep normal levels's not gonna be like a hormone/prohormone, but it works for everyone i know for keeping normal lvels up.

i've tried a lot of supps, and tribulus never seemed all that impressive to me. the one i haven't tried but am curious about is d-aspartic acid...anyone have any input on that?

(Squats + PBnJ's and Milk) are anabolic as fuck.

Just ordered some D-Aspartic acid, I'll let you know how it works in a month.

 the more body fat you have the more testosterone gets converted

Interested as well. My recent blood work showed my test to be on the very low side of normal, but still too high for my doc to do anything about it. Test was about 300. I think the low border is 250.

Any opinions on 'alpha male' supplement? Phone Post

JustPeed - Any opinions on 'alpha male' supplement? <img src="/images/phone/droid.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

the one by Biotest? if it's that one, it's prolly relatively high quality....but Biotest has a habit of over pricing and over hyping their products, IMO.

i generally don't shop at GNC, but if i'm trying something new, i usually go to them, due to their return policy (pretty fair and i don't have to ship it back to whatever company i bought it from)...

NeoSpartan - (Squats + PBnJ's and Milk) are anabolic as fuck.

Just ordered some D-Aspartic acid, I'll let you know how it works in a month.

good point.

also, look forward to your review...

btw, here's an article on d-aspartic acid for those that are interested:

If you want some boner help, check out the Arginine thread.


Thanks for that information. I assume by the ratio of "1:3-5" you would mean, for example, 10 seconds sprint 30-50 seconds of jogging? Out of interest, what is the most intense interval patterns you have known someone to do regularly?


Hemorrhoids that is... Phone Post

I'm not on expert on this stuff, I've only ever tried two different products. I forget the name of the one that sucked but the other is T-Bomb 2. It works really well, I notice a not so subtle bump in my aggression, sex drive, and the real reasons I take it, to squeeze out an extra rep, recovery, and to aid in bulking up a bit. It will pull me out of feeling burned out without having to back off my routine.

I've never juiced so my frame of reference is this stuff, the other shitty product I took once, and not being on anything at all.

Another thing I like about it is it's fast acting. Buy it, take a dose, go to the gym a couple hours later and you'll feel it already. Your levels will build up and you'll feel it more in a few days but it gets started right away.

If like me you want a bump sometimes but aren't willing to juice, I'd give this a try.

I don't mean to sound like I'm selling the stuff, I just really like it a lot.

Look it up, see what others have to say, etc.

 Hey Savage,

Instead of the classic 5 x 5 system. Try doing very intense sets and resting as little as possible. the 3x3 is a great one.

One Leg, One Push, One Pull.  Do three time trough A.F.A.P. All sets to positive failure. Example:

Leg Press x 15-20

Pull-Down x 8-12

OH Press x 8-12

Leg Press x 10-15

Pull-Down x 6-10

OH Press x 6-10

Leg Press x 6-10

Pull-Down x 3-5

OH Press x 3-5


yes, that is correct (work to rest ratio).

As for maximum intensity, Any time you truly push the activity to the red-line and minimize recovery, the intensity goes through the roof. Here is one of the toughest workouts I have ever seen:

Chin-up max reps

Sprint 50 yards out and back (100 yards total)

Dips max reps

Sprint 50 yards out and back (100 yards total)

Continue the above pattern A.F.A.P. without stopping, for 12 minutes.

If you hit failure on Dips & Chins, do negatives for 40-60 seconds, by hopping up and lowering slowly for 5-10 seconds per rep. If indoors, replace the sprints with Rowing for 30-40 seconds or Versa-Climber etc.


Tribulus did do "something" for me" No blood tests so I can only go by feel. Slightly better recuperation and morning wood. Very subtle though, better than nothing, but don't expect miracles. Didn't feel much from D-aspartic acid.


Stop jerking off for a week - seriously; it raises your testosterone...