Best Thai Boxing training in US?

What are some of the best thai boxing academies in the United States? I'm looking for a pretty traditional style thai boxing gym to train at for a little while - preferably with trainers from Thailand or who have had a gang of fights in Thailand. Basically, I'm looking for the next best thing to actually flying my happy ass over to Bangkok and training.

What state will you be in?

saekson's not only one of the baddest fighters of our time, but he's trained some of the most hard core fighters in mma right now.

he's in texas. good luck

Kru Toy was in the gym not too long ago. Mark Dellagrotte is one of the best trainers I have had anywhere. He is a very technical, knowledgable and energetic coach. He is pretty fluent in Thai and knows so much about the culture there as well. You can't go wrong training there. It is the hidden gem of Muay Thai in the U.S.

Kru Serapuk is great from what i hear

I don't know the URL off the top of my head, but I've heard VERY good things about Matee up in the Detroit area. I know he was a badass fighter/champion, but I've heard he is a really good instructor as well....

I'm going to take this opportunity to shamelessly plug my Muay Thai coach Manu Ntoh. He is a legitimate 4X world Muay Thai champion, and one of the few westerners to hold a title belt in the lower weight divisions in Thailand. He has trained many muay Thai & MMA champions, and is an excellent coach and all around great individual. He is also currently working his way up the ranks as a pro boxer.


Matee is one top-notch trainer and his ring accomplishments are virtually unparalleled in the states except for bunkerd, jongsanan and coban.

you won't be disappointed with him.

ask heavyleg for more details on daily training, flyin training or seminars too.

Does Coban teach in the US? Where?

Best bet in the states for a true Thai Trainer. Tremendous experience and all around great guy.

is Matee doing long term fight training? if anyone knows when he might be in the NY/Jersey area let me know. I'd like to see that guy again.