Best Thai Pads???

I know this question has come up before, so thanks in advance for your indulgence. I was thinking about Fairtex or Twins with the velcro - I don't want the buckles. What brand do you guys recommend? For those that have tried both of the ones that I'm thinking about, which do you prefer and why? Thanks!

To a degree, its personal preference.

IMHO, the absolute BEST Thai pads are Perma-Bilt. I have a single 9lber, and two 6 lbers.

But, of the more "traditional" Thai pads...

1. Twins

2. Fairtex

3. Thaismai

4. Windy

Again, this is my own personal preference. And this is only taking into account the Thai pads that I have actually used. I would recommend ANY of the above listed brands in the exact order that I've listed, depending on price and availability.

Khun Kao

KK - where do you get your PermaBilt pads?

Damn. I wish I could remember. I have the guys email and contact info on one of my computers. The guy still had a bunch of them in stock last year. They are AWESOME!!!!

I'll start poking around for the contact info. Email me at home to keep reminding me to do so for you!

I have used twins and boes. So, far I like boes better.

I love my twins; but the buckles get annoying.

Aren't the red and blue Title pads just twins with velcro straps? I had a hard time finding twins with the velcro.

Gotta keep an eye out for those other brands.

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PorkChop --

The Title Pads in the catalogue that say "Imported from Thailand" are indeed Twins pads. They are very good pads, and are the same as the Twins L (large). I really prefer the velcro too. Mine are Red & black though. The price is great too $69+s/h.

We've used Twins, ThaiSmai, Fairtex, Windy, Sandee, Ringside, Waldorf, Aries and Title (twins).

Twins by far has been my favorite. Followed by Fairtex.

Ringside's "big hitter" pads are now made in China, not Thailand.

BEWARE of any pads made in India or Pakistan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These pads generally suck. They don't know how to make the handles, which feel like they just jammed cotton balls into them and they are not resilient for harder hitters. The leather quality is poor and the density is not the same as any Thai-made pad.

Khun Kao

I'll be at KOTR. Sorry about last sunday, I didn't realize we were supposed to work out THAT early. I'd only gone to bed at 6. :-D This weekend I'm goin out of town; so I don't know if I'm going to be able to make it down to help out with the work out. Plus, with the match up, I dunno if you'd want any of us Baltimore guys down there anyway. hehehe If I don't hear from you before the event, good luck; I'm gonna have a real hard time deciding who to root for.


Thanks, the twins thai pads are my fav' too. I'm working on fixing the buckles issue; but I'll probably go with the Title ones next time around. I also love my twins gloves, though I'm thinking about getting some Reyes or Grants if my 14oz ones fall apart. I use them almost everyday, and the leather's kinda starting to crack, can't tell yet if it's superficial or not.

How long is the shipping process for fairtex,title,etc?

Damn I've ordered twins 7 weeks ago and still no definite word about where my product is...

I ordered elbow pads from fairtex over a year ago and still no elbow pads...

DaRealSunTzu ordered Twins gloves a month or 2 ago and still no Twins gloves...

What's going on with products from Thailand these days? Is it getting that big? With all the money they're making they should start expanding business, no?

Which Twins site did you order from??

Title takes 3-5 days tops.

Twins products from ship a hell of a lot faster than and those places average 6-8 WEEKS shipping time.

Actually, I'm not fighting anyone from Baltimore now. I was originally supposed to, but I my match was moved and I'm now fighting Matt Callahan from Atlanta.

Khun Kao

Woah, that's some big news. Jon was training like a mad man for that one. Almost feel sorry for the guy he ends up getting matched up with. LOL

Good luck against Matt.
If you win do you get to go to Europe?
Is it still a title match?


not sure man, ask DaRealSunTzu. I think I have always got my Twins stuff through Ringside or Title and it ships quick.

gloves that i have not gotten yet are from

That doesn't surprise me. Granted they have a great looking website and list a ton of products, but they don't stock much. Which is why it took me 7 weeks to get shinpads and 12 to get 1 pair of gloves. I got very little response concerning my worry that after 4 weeks nothing had arrived, as promised. Note they changed the shipping policy in mid-March to now take up to 6 weeks, when even that is fast. They literally have to wait for equipment to be made, but continue to take orders even if they don't have the goods.

I'll never order from them again for that reason alone. They eventually provide the gear, but they are the slowest exporter when compared to ThaiDirect & I think twinsthaiboxing is rumored to be faster too.

waiting on shorts from so far it's not even been a week yet...... here's to hoping...

I thnk I got a decent deal but the shipping/waiting time is another thing.

Are you willing to pay a fair price but wait for a long time ? is run by Scott Mallon, and I, as well as friends, have had trouble with them in the past. My personal favorite is twins I have never waited more than a week, and Ercivan is a hell of a guy!!

I ordered from twins I was told 18 days. This week will be my 7th week.

They are nice guys, no doubt but I haven't heard anything since my last e-mail last week.

No reply from my e-mail almost a week ago = getting kinda worried.

But I think I'll wait until next week ,which will be 2 months and then see what my alternatives are.