BEST THERMO without Ephadra

Hands down best thermo, as long as I can get sleep on it.

I want to SWEAT cause its so powerful during the day.

I will work up to it, and do a 6 week cycle.

and any places to buy it off the net for cheap?

-fin has a lot of them and the best prices. Tell them Cassidy/Sifu sent you and they will take care of you.

Anything you can suggest?

Good site!

I like some of the stuff, I think I am going to try a cycle of that 1-mht stuff, and try the topselling fat burner.

Me too. They have a stack of the estro-suppressing stuff and the mHT for $42.00, I think I will give it a whirl and see what happens.

Tell them Sifu/Cassidy sent you, and they will definately take care of you.


lean systems 7 works differently than the caffeine based products. One of the side effects is a sharper mind. It is also a good fat burner.

I'll keep that in mind , sounds like its like aderall

It has l-tyrosine in it. You can buy that seperate for 5.00 dollars and add it to any thermogenic that doesn't already contain it.

Here is a good one