Best thing to play at music store

Played the theme from Magnum PI........done

Played the solo from Jungle Love (the time)......done

Played the solo from cinnamon girl.......done.

All got accolades from store personnel (most likely because there was no metallica, stairway, or nirvana content) but now I itch for something easy and obscure.

Tried the solo from My Sharona but, Damn, it's pretty difficult.

Any ideas?

I like to play "stranglehold", "funk #49" and "mississippi queen"

paganini caprice #24

how does the theme from magnum PI go?

smoke on the water only

'Hey Ricky' By Wierd Al.

LOL........found it on youtube.

No, I didn't do the crazy shredding but stayed true to the original which is pretty much non shred.

The guy does a good benny hill but the synch of audio and video is a little off.

This would be my choice if I could play it.

I guess it's the theme of "king of the hill" next time I go.

I do a reggae version of an animal theme park jingle I call African Lion Rastafari.

the munsters and green acres themes

I saw a kid playing the music to "Super Mario Brothers" everybody tripped out on that one.

fukn rights Funk49 should have had the store jockeys groovin!!!!

throw out a little Cheap Sunglasses next time

Excellent.........munsters would be good if I can find a detuned guitar there.

It just screams for D tuning.

one thing I've always wanted to learn is the "Starsky & Hutch" (tv show) theme...most baddazz ever tv theme-

I find people love when i tap out the charlie brown "peanuts" theme on a bass.

i like to break out this one

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asian people love playing mario on guitar. Ive seen so many of them do it.

some other cool things to play

somthing different

Nice list.....pretty much exactly what I need.


you are quite welcome sir!

I thought Enter Sandman was the designated Guitar Shop Song?