Best Thing You Ever Bought For Your House????????

Just moved into a new place. A lot of free rooms and space. Looking for great ideas.

Best thing I got so far was my duel reclining cinema chair set up...What else should I buy ? Phone Post 3.0

Garbage can with motion sensor that opens the lid when you wave your hand over it. Phone Post 3.0

A moat.

1000% make a billards room Phone Post 3.0

The Mitch Mitchell Experience -
Dos Huevos Gigante - A moat.
Too soon.

RIP piranha kid. Phone Post 3.0
That thread get taken down? Phone Post 3.0

I'm in the same boat (brand new house) . So far in no particular order (excluding obvious shit like fridge, sofas, coffee table etc) ...

Shoe rack (encourages guest to remove shoes and save new carpet)
Playseat + G25
Projector (no CBBC, telletubbies etc)
Ottoman bed (storage is a godsend)

Gf wants oak furniture (expensive) so building up slowly.

Oh and a dog. A really talkative fucking dog. Phone Post 3.0

Billiard room x 100. Then you can invite a world renowned maestro to play and afterwards have a perfectly creased pant. Phone Post 3.0

Thing with these billiards rooms are..they look cool...but does anyone actually love billiards or pool. Isn't there better stuff to play. Not ideal Phone Post 3.0

Keep it light, but keep it tight. Phone Post 3.0

Oh we in Phone Post 3.0


Sub for ideas. Phone Post 3.0

First thing I bought when I got my house was a weber grill. Phone Post 3.0

Ronco rotisserie. Every home should have one.

Thanks Pescy! Phone Post 3.0

Yeah dude, good cookware is essential. A ronco, a vitamix, and a good grill. Phone Post 3.0

Sub. Phone Post 3.0

snowblower, patio set, grill, a nice lawnmower/mulcher, leaf blower

Ride on lawn mower Phone Post 3.0

cats. lots and lots of cats.