Best thread where you read historical event unfold

sicko - Couple years back I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep, so I picked up my laptop and surfed the OG. There was a thread from a forum member who was feeling down. Like really depressed with a very suicidal vibe to it. That thread kept me up as we tried to get more information to help him, tried to get him to call one of us or a hot line. People were trying to contact the admins to see if they could contact the authorities in his area, etc.

I didn't know the guy, even now I don't remember who it was, but I kept refreshing the thread and reading the new posts, hoping he'd post something just so we'd know he was still there.

He eventually contacted someone and got some help. Again, I don't even remember who it was, but I remember feeling relief when I saw everything was going to be okay.

That's the only thread I can think of that kept me up, glued to a thread Phone Post 3.0
Didn't Kirik or someone use his payment info to get his address and send the emergency services or am I imagining that part? Phone Post 3.0

I wild each it

Girly - Besides the fappening, the hunt for the Boston marathon bombers was unreal. That thread kept me up til 3 in the morning.

Anybody remember 9/11 on here? Couple years before my time. Be interesting to see initial thread and see it go from casual to holy shit Phone Post 3.0

+1 for Boston marathon bombers hunt.

I was in Afghanistan during the Boston marathon bombing. That thread was way more informative and updated faster than the news on AFN.

Marathon for me. My cousin and i were pounding a thirty track, listening to olive scanner and checking the og Phone Post 3.0

Marlo Sansfield -
Girly - 
Marlo Sansfield - Kimbo vs Gannon
Was somebody posting from there? Phone Post 3.0

Pretty sure it was Kenny Florian.
Ya it was Kenny Florian who was absolutely giddy with the updates. Phone Post 3.0

Vancouver riot was cool

It was not real but that butch that went to florida with the ho and put it all up on twitter. That thread was good. Phone Post 3.0