best throw for self-defense

I have a feeling there really isnt one but what would work on your average toughguy street type,with really no training,can you guys name some practical throws for the street? Thanks in advance..........Jaime

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Many people will tell you osotogari but any throw you can do well on the regular basis will be the one you will likely use in self defense (SD).

You may have heard of the saying, "You fight the way you train."

i remember some dude used a hip throw to stop a bank robber recently !

holy crap, a Chokeyou2 sighting!

i would say the basic would work best..

ogoshi if you want to throw them backwards..

and tanitoshig from a side clinch to take them forward..

or whatever your best throw is... and that is what i would do.. my best throw

Anything that leaves you standing and the other guy on his back.

Osotogari, ogoshi, morote gari(if youve got some friends around to make sure you wont get kicked in the head). I also think seoi is an underated throw that can be pulled off no-gi in a self defense situation. Guys who dont really know how to fight leave arms sticking out everywhere...but I would probably rely on the other 3 just for percentage reasons. You arent entertaining a crowd, so fuck him up before he fucks you up. No gettin fancy, do the deed and be able to go home. That is all.

id say whatever throw you do best, period. every throw has pluses and minuses to it. some have a naturally harder impact, some leave you in better positions for a follow-up to the ground.

but, in all honesty, every throw will have a moment of
"stunning" an opponent on a hard surface. all throws will work, the only question is your ability to do the throw.


Probably the throw YOU do best.