best time to take supplements?

i figure if i start taking creatine now it'll help me to train harder and run better and hopefully kick some @$$. but anyway im wondering what the best time of the day to take the creatine. first thing in the morning, mid day right before i go to bed. any pro's con's to different times of the day? Also is creatine a really good thing to take training for sprinting events 400m and less?

Yes, creatine is good for training high power events such as Olympic lifting, 400-m running, etc.

Most people reccomend taking it just after training, though I haven't seen any real research on the topic of timing creatine. I think that the idea of taking it just after training is that the creatine stores are low in the muscle, so the muscle is more likely to soake it up... not sure if it's true though.

Regardless of if that's true or not, taking right after trainign won't hurt, so that's my recommendation .

I haven't started back up yet since it has been brutally cold out here lately. I'm hoping to get out tomorrow

The problem with creatine is there are so many lines on how to take and use it. Some say triple the amount for a week and then reduce it, some say only take it with grape juice, some say you have to take it at this time or that time. I guess what im wondering is does it really make a difference to your body?

If you take it about a half hour before training, you will feel yourself performing better and feeling stronger during training. If you wait till after, you will, of course, feel the same as usual during training, but your recovery time will be much faster once you finish. I guess it's up to you. I am currently taking CEE (Creatine Ethyl Ester) which comes in pill form. The directions tell me to take 3 pills prior to training, and 3 after. Makes sense to me. It's been working well.

Regarding taking triple the amount for a week (a.k.a. 'loading phase'), after a month, there is no difference between those who have loaded and those who took one standard dose for the month. Loading is not necessary.

Taking with juice is based on juice having the sugar necessary to spike insulin levels to promote storage of the creatine in the muscle. Grape juice is often specifically used because it has low acidity and does not degrade the creatine as quickly in the glass. Once it hits your stomach however, stomach acids trump whatever juice you took the creatine with.

When you've plateaued and you are rich, otherwise just stick to eating plenty of rice (much cheaper and you'll have the same results)

this is the Weider creatine powder which is in capsules. so i guess it probably wouldnt matter what i washed it down with. maybe ill just suck it down with one of those glucose tubes diabetics use