Best time to travel?

When is the best time to purchase cheap tickets to Japan? I don't want to be in Tokyo during the really cold months, I have been there in march and it was almost unpleasant. How late in the fall can one travel while remaining comfortable and how early in the year does it start to warm up? Thanks for any help.

April/May is always good. Nice weather...but remember...Tokyo
weather can change on you just, like, that (snaps fingers)..

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But wouldn't that be peak season as far as rates go?

June/July is the rainy season and it sucks here. Aug/early Sep it gets pretty hot so you might want to avoid that too.

The best season is Oct, Nov, Apr, May. I'm not sure about the rates but since the weather is pleasant, I'd imagine it'll be expensive.

The cheapest it ever was for me was around July/August mate,..but I'm
from Australia.

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April can be extremely windy so I wouldn't exactly call it comfortable. Still, it's sakura season so the prices will be high everywhere. Golden Week rolls around in May so the high prices continue. Also keep in mind most stores are closed during that time. Mid-May to mid-June probably gives you decent weather at a reasonable cost.

October and November is also a nice time of year, but I would guess you'd be competing with a lot of inbound traffic during the autumn.

I would say from april through june is the best time. It may rain a little, however since japan is so clean, warm during these months, and you can get an umbrella at a 100 yen store, it is not too much of an inconvinience. I had yahoo weather for japan on my homepage and for the last 2 months straight it has said "Thunderstorms". The only thing is that Mt. Fjui climbing weather I think is in August.

As long as it is not fall or winter I am sure you will have a great time.