Best Tool to Develop Defense

Do you think the best tool for developing defence is the double end bag? Does the maize bag develop the same attributes in a boxer as the double end bag? Is there a home version of the double end bag without the floor and ceiling attachments?

Martin, did you work more on the double end bag to improve your defense? What equipment did you find yourself using more to improve your defense?

Thanks Martin, great advise. I have a few more questions to ask. When you say "That is,punch and move,slip,pivot,move my head,etc," I'm confused because I always thought slipping was the same as moving the head? In the context that you are using these words, do they have the same meaning? Thank you.

You know Martin, for my last fight, I went into the ring with the mentality of "one of us is gonna walk out, and one of us is going to get carried out." While proving to myself that, yes indeed, the dangling globes between my legs are balls, I didn't do much else that fight. Except get KTFO.

Usually my chin (more like the top of my head) is good to deflect a couple shots until I get in close enough to throw bombs to the body. So that was my strategy: slip the punch, eat a few if I had to, get inside and tear up the body.

Now that I have gotten over the "prove yourself" mindset, my defense is coming along much better. Before I was so focused on attacking, I never paid attention to my opponents shots. Now I look for my opponents punches so I can counter. I too had to switch over from an offensive mindset to a defensive one.

Martinburke is correct. Whatever it is your are practicing on -heavy bag, maize bag, double end bag, etc. Imagine that there is a real live opponent in front of you and move, use feints, set-ups and defense against your imaginary opponent.

If you practice like this, once you step into the ring, you'll be more prepared for whatever may happen next.