Best Trainer in LA Area?

I say its this guy!

Know its been posted before but I love the video.

Has this guy ever fought NHB out there? He says hes undefeated and "one of the greatest fighters of our time.

I gotta agree with you, that video NEVER gets old.

He lives here in the Valley, maybe five miles from here. I have been sooooo tempted to schedule a private lesson so he can show me "all about fighting". Holy Crap is that funny.

Gotta Love Chase Gays, Str8jive I will go with you, I have wanted to see this prodigy in person as well

a few months ago I watched that video everyday for like a week. It's possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen!

Man, great rack on the brunette.

The rest is garbage.

I was hoping there would be some skin!!

Awww, the phone number doesn't work, who am I gonna train with now? LOL!

Funny stuff!




The first half of the video reminds me of a porn intro.

He looks like slim shadey!!