best training facility in the US

Who do u think has the best training facility?

American Top Team in Miami (Coconut Grove)

i would have to say the att school in coconut creek

Mrs. Caseau's living room... they breed champions

Oops, I mean Coconut Creek :)

Best I have seen is American Top Team. I can't even dream that well.

HB Ultimate Traning Center "Punishment" , It just might be my bias opinion ;-)... Support your gym !!

My basement is the shit!


2 No Limits

3 too many to list


2 No Limits

3 Walker's submission and kickboxing academy in Moraine, Ohio

4 Jorge Gurgel's school in middle town Ohio, ( Sorry Jorge we just call it 'Middletown')

5 and of course the school I train at BCMA

what is that song on nolimit gym in the intro, it sounds really familar, like Godzilla or something? I like it

No limits.... but I have not seen att....

Hyena's (from the KB forum) new gym looks very nice.

I love the over the shoulder BOB pic