Best Training in NE IND???

Just curious as to where some people from the Ft. Wayne area train.

The best train in Auburn. Do you not know this? We have a gym in the westedge mall, best ground guy in the area, best stand up coach as well.

You really can't go wrong checking out Jason Fox's school in Warsaw (

simple the best jiu-jitsu in the area period!

Auburn club has Pat H. as ground guy, and me (Randy Duhamell) as stand up coach. I have been out of limelight for a while (8 yrs) but my creds are:
master ranked instructor former national top ten TMA fighter, former assist state director of kickboxing, coach of top kickboxing team in Indiana (5 National champs, 23 state champs); ILEA certified police tactics instructor since 91; I worked with Dan Severn for over 4 years starting the DangerZone shows. I, and all whom help me do the Kombat Zone shows in NE Indiana -where in the 90's Chris Lytle and others got there start. Dont mean to blow my own horn, but with Pat and Tim in the gym with me, it's hard to beat this group.

Yeah I know who you are and don't doubt your qualifications... this is Jeremy May btw. I remember when you and my step-dad (Coach Blackburn) brought in "the beast" for a wrestling camp way back when. I've been trying to talk my brother into coming to check out your club with me -- we are planning on being at the next fight to watch one of his friends and I want to get an idea of the skill range of some of the fighters and stuff. I'm definitely interested in checking it out things are just super busy right now. I just got home from a PAT at ILEA for isp and I'm working a lot. When do you guys train?

JEREMY, hows it going man. I talked to Justin a couple of months back when he was still working at the auto shop store. We train Mon-Wed-Fri from 4-6:30 PM. Tue -Thurs morning from 10 AM to noon. Our ground guy has classes on tue-thurs night from 6:30 to 9 PM. Good luck with then ILEA training.

BTW, i have a trial next week, and I may not be there for classes. Brandon will be there Monday, we have a routine set up for training, just fit right in.

What are your rates and everything? Is it just a monthly fee or based on when/who I want to train with?

20 per month

who are some of your lightweights... anyone i might know from high school or wrestling?

Primal Rage Light Weights:
Travis Anderson
Shane Rece
Adam Brady (although he moved to Lafayette)
Nick Miner
Billy Myers
some new guys also just joined the gym, most are over 155 lbs.

adam is a good kid, training with me now:)