Best treatment at a bar you've got

Last spring break, I was visiting my friends in Toronto, we went to pubs and bars every night.

One night we ordered two pitchers of whatever was on tap, and we proceeded to drink. Our waitress was a fine looking blond, thick chick. From the corner of my eye, I noticed that there were five 20 dollar bills on the ground on the other side of the bar. No one else noticed them. Then I also noticed, the waitress right next to the pile of dough, but she took no notice to the money. I'm guessing the bills dropped out of her apron when she took another order.

I walked over, picked up the bills and gave them right to the waitress. She looked really surpised and grateful and then she showed her thanks with a big ol hug, a few kisses and an ass squeeze.

She later then walked over and gave us 3 free pitchers and thanked me again.

I later talked to her at closing hours, it was her last night working because she was going leave for grad school in Australia the next day.

I didnt get laid, but man we got hooked up!

Best intentional hookup was at Goathill on a slow nite. I talked with one of the owners, he gave me a buncha free samples and some free peanuts. Good times.

Best unintentional hookup was at O'Brien's- my bill was probly half of what it should have been (30 instead of 55-60). This may have partly been because the bartender saw my friend pick up my 10 dollar bottle of Rochefort 8, swig it, and slam it back down resulting in a cascade of expensive bear all over the table. She may have taken mercy on me.

What happened with the cascade of cheap glass in his

lol Fraser, I almost hit him, seriously.

My friends were the manager and executive chef of a trendy bar/restaurant, and I knew a bunch of the waitstaff too--we would go in for drinks, dinner, etc, ring up a $600+ tab between 4-6 of us and pay almost nothing.

Of course, we still tipped out the server on the real bill, so the good treatment would continue.

buddy used to run a bar and we made out like bandits every weekend, 20 bucks would get take car of us and whoever else we were with

I used to go to a martini bar and get half my drinks free from this sweet gorgeous blond. Pretty awesome. To think hot girls get this treatment everywhere they go, there is nothing better then being a good looking girl

As long as they don't let it erode their personality. Why be nice when everyone treats you nice no matter what?

I intercepted a bottle thrown at the manager of a local club last year. I still get anything for a buck there.