Best Troll/MMA fighters

Robert Fergurson, Many Reyes, Ron Krull, Matt Furey, & that brit...dont recall his name. Some promoter should make a tourney with all these fighters happen.

peaks head in for a sec

"& that brit...dont recall his name"

Did Lee Murray even ever post on the UG?

when did Furey become a fighter?

"I would nominate Leigh Remedios for his role in the funny Skelboy series." Thats who i was thinking of. I wonder why chris never challenged him for that stunt, but it was really funny.

what was leighs role?

i think he was skelboy...if not he played along with skelboy story saying how they train together in uk and skelboy really had talent and had a school etc....

well ferg was called a troll by almost everyone back in the day...he kinda shut ppl up after awhile tho.

Definately Tito. One incomplete sentence from him will get 500 posts.


Now, I don't know OMA, and I have been kicked in the head a few times, but correct me if I'm seeing racial undertones in his postings? I mean, maybe ya'll are all friends, and the "Nacho Eater" OMA speaks of is some guy who likes haunting Taco Bells or something, and OMA saying he's going to slap someone's "disgusting dark face" isn't in reference to a black guy, but to some guy who just has some dark anomally on his face. Please clear this up for me, as I am heading to Tulsa to see my folks soon and I'd hate to ask him/you in person down at the Tulsa Lion's Den out on the east side.


LOL..thanks for the warning. Of course, I went to the Tulsa Lions Den a few years ago, and the worst that happened to me was I got looked at really, really mean. And while I didn't get the sudden urge to gorge myself on nachos, I did feel like it was a slap in the face because although i was new there, I was born and raised in Tulsa and had been kicking arse in that state well before there ever was a lion's Den.

But, no hard feeling s on the Den...I was in the Den clan in San Diego under Galindo, but that disbanded, but fortunately, I got an offer a while back to train with Team Quest. Think I may take it, if only to be safe from killers like you and OMA;-)


Oh, I see. Cool beans homie. Catch ya'll crazy asses laterz.

Cedric "The ONLY Spider Man" Marks