Best turn based strategy sames

Okay, maybe I'm not normal, but I like the turn based strategy PC games over RTS. Anyone have any good ones to recommend?

Turn based is genereally superior to RTS, you are not abnormal for thinking so.

Outside of Starcraft, most have terribley simple, repetitive gameplay. Its really a crime to call them strategy games, as most of them play more like a puzzle game, where you merely have to figure out the right build order of that particular mission or faction, and then rinse and repeat until the end.

SOme good turn based games:

Galactic Civilizations 2
CIvilization 2 and 4
Master of Orion 2
Master of Magic
Jagged Alliance
X-Com UFO Defense

The only recent ones i can think of are Civ 4 and Shattered Union.

Don't know how good the latter was...

Check out

Its a free onlinethe board game settlers of catan and its expansion, seafarers.

Probably simpler than what you were thinking of but its a pretty sweet game.

Consider getting a Game Boy Pocket if you like turn-based strategy. With Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, and Advance Wars, there are hundreds of hours of kick-ass strategy you can carry around in your pocket 24/7.

On XBOX there's also Dai Senryaku VII:Modern Military Tactics.

I'm trying to track it down, its apparently Advance Wars on 'roids.

Cool.. thanks for the picks.


i remember one of my favorites games from the 90's was I think Steel Panthers or something like could fight all these historical battles and stuff....I played Dien Bien Phu over and over to see how fast my North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong could overrun the French fortress......also my fictional war between Canada and Russia was great.....

Haha, gord, great call dude. Played that to death. There were actually many sequels and games using the same engine. I particularly enjoyed a fantasy variant.

sadyv's list is pretty complete. For new stuff you could add Heroes of Might and Magic 5.. And you never know JA3 maybe out in the next 6 months.. that would be nice.

I used to play the hell out of Steel Panthers, and I still have my copy (although I haven't played it in a while). 2 player was cool... my roommate would pick his moves & I mine, then we would watch the battle unfold. Ahh, good times. I loaded it on my PC a couple of years back, and realized how bad the graphics are by today's standards, but gameplay is great.

Tell me about Civ IV: what makes it so great?

X com x com x com.

it was Steel Panthers 2 I played....I never played the fantasy one Pulsar....sounds cool though.....gameplay was incredible!

hoffa, i remember those 2 player games too....lots of good times there

there is a game called Supreme Ruler 2011 or something....I played the demo and it is super deep and can be played in either RTS or turn the demo I was Nevada and went to war with Utah and Arizona.....I got 3/4 of the way to Salt Lake City then Arizona decided to ally with Utah and captured Vegas :(

Multiplayer x-com:

I reember a sweet turn based strategy game to the Amiga. Called Fantasy Battles or something. Shareware I believe.