Best U.S. City for 2024 Olympics?

In the running are Boston, Dallas, DC, San Fran , San Diego and one more I can't think of Phone Post 3.0

I'm sure Chicago didn't come close to being on the short list of US cities to host the Olympics. Phone Post 3.0

Rack Phone Post 3.0

Your butt. Yaaaay!!!! #ucute Phone Post 3.0

My money is on Dallas.

Chicago wasn't going to make another attempt after the embarrassment that was the last attempt.

Detroit 2.0

I couldn't care less, I hope none get it. The Olympic committee mob extorts the taxpayer of the city to enrich themselves and leave the host city near bankruptcy with venues that will never be used again. Fuck them. Phone Post 3.0

If you think about it, Detroit would be the perfect city.

San Fran should get it

Please don't come to Boston. Phone Post 3.0

Clifton, NJ

Is Uranus a city? I hope they have it there. ;-( Yaaaaaaay!!!!! Phone Post 3.0

Olympics are a cash leech Phone Post 3.0

Boston. Any place but Dallas dammit

I don't know about Boston, especially for a Summer Games. With NH and Vermont, I could see it maybe pulling off a Winter Games.

I'm serious. Detroit would be perfect.

They've got the Red Wings and Pistons arenas, Ford Field, infrastructure that once handled like twice it's population.

A massive infusion of cash there seems logical, no?

I like San Fran for this. West coast, overall clean/nice, modern, and young Phone Post 3.0

Anywhere but NYC. Phone Post 3.0

san diego would be awesome but the cities broke. san fran could probably do it no prob

Dallas for sure.

The area has a good amount of venues already. Phone Post 3.0