Best UFC card of all time????

I've been jumping up and down all night. Phone Post 3.0

Best in recent memory

Only like 3 decs I think

If the comain kept up what it had in round 1 then yeah it woulda been Phone Post 3.0

That PPV was incredible. Phone Post 3.0

Best in a while.... Hendo and Bisping made it worth the money the rest was a bonus Phone Post 3.0

Whoa buddy.  Amazing card, and best as of late, but... 189.   Perspective.

Yes I believe it is Phone Post 3.0

This was definitely too card of 2016 so far Phone Post 3.0

Best in a while. From fight pass prelims to the main event.

Fuck i wish faber won though. Phone Post 3.0

Awesome card all around. Amazing main event. I'm in shock. Phone Post 3.0

Can't remember so many OH SHIT moments all on a single card!

It's 6am here in the UK and there is no way I'm gonna sleep anytime soon with all this adrenaline.

Fucking epic! Phone Post 3.0

It was a great card. Phone Post 3.0

Yes this was the best of all times if you consider the amount of finishes and how entertaining the ones that went the distance were. And the drama Phone Post 3.0

Dick Niaz -

Whoa buddy.  Amazing card, and best as of late, but... 189.   Perspective.

I was going to say behind 189, but I wanted to see what people thought Phone Post 3.0

Incredible card and one of the best. Always thought of Bisping as pillow fists. Nope, KO and upset! Loved Dustin the Diamond fight and result. The Brock announcement. Even the Ali tribute at the end was great. It had it all. Only downer was when my wife (I wish) lost in prelims lol. Phone Post 3.0