Best UFC commentator?/Worst?

Jim Brown was my favorite. Smart man.

Least favorite was the young slick guy - can't remember his name.

Admittedly, my selection pool is very shallow. I lost interest after UFC 5 or 6...

i liked Frank Shamrock, but didn't like Ricco.

personally, i'd like to see a Rampage/Shonie combo


rampage and shonie lol now that would be great!

I liked Blatnick too. It was interesting to see him develop a respect for JJ.

"Nothing there...nothing there..."

Goldie is terrible, he's gotta go.

He uses so many superlatives, that its not funny. His credibility his gone. How many times do we have to hear "This is most _____ match in UFC history!"

Rogan and Goldberg make a good team. Goldberg is learning the game more and more, although as we have heard, a little knowledge can make things so much worse. :)

imo Frank Mir did a great job.

Best is Rogan. Worst is Blatnick, the Fucking Harry Carray of MMA commentating.

What about UFC 42?? Baroni was friggin' terrible, he even managed to drop an F-bomb halfway through.
And Rogan is the king.

definetly Baroni

I can't believe I forgot the knee kick!!!
smacks forehead

Jeff Osbourne

You know what was kinda cool about Wallace though? Here you have a karate guy talkin' up front about what he thinks the fighter's strategies should be - stick & move, blah, blah, blah...

Then he's totally upended by the end of the night. I think he was actually surprised.

The first few UFCs rocked the world of martial arts. What an amazing time!

Homeboy Jim knew what was up though... He could see it coming...

Best are Rogan and Jens...worst is Goldie. He's great at what he does and is talented for sure, but he's such a tool for the company in a WWE way that he's hard to listen to. I guess the real worst would be the SUMU and JUDU guy.

Also....I think Couture is A LOT better when there's no pressure on him. He's a great third man like in the Hunt vs Wanderlei fight. Dude did a great job and even coined "The Atomic Butt Drop" but the combo of Couture/Goldie is really lacking.

That Kasem chick was hot but as soon as she opened her mouth I wanted to see someone drop a 50 ton weight on her.


Monty Python style!

rogan is the best