Best UFC/Pride???

I have a co-worker that I've been lending some UFC's too and he's really starting to get into MMA. I lent him UFC 2-4 and the Pride MW Grand Prix. What events do you guys think I should give him next? I have every UFC on tape and all the Prides since 10.

Off the top of my head I'm leaning towards:

UFC 6 -Solid fights, Severn vs Shamrock is good. Dramatic finish.

Ultimate Brazil- I remember loving this event.

Pride 10- Solid.

Pride 10, UFC 40

UFC 40 is definately the best to show a newbie. UFC 34 and 37 also had tons of exciting fights.

I thought Pride 17 and Pride 25 were outstanding events also.

My memory is totally shot. UFC 40 had Ken/Tito? What other fights? I remember liking ufc 34 and pride 17, but can't rememember any of the fights on those cards. I'm too lazy to pop a tape into the VCR or go to sherdog...

Thanks for the suggestions!

UFC: 3, UU 96, 12

UFC 31, Pride 10