Best Use Of Misdirection Eva! (Vid)

That was pretty awesome~

Amirite?! Phone Post 3.0





Why did the uploader think they were gay? Phone Post 3.0

"Look here, look here!!"" Phone Post 3.0

That was fast. Yes you are right. Phone Post 3.0

Like a god damn boss Phone Post 3.0

That move is banned in Nevada MMA rules.

I miss Pride.

god that clip is great.

Lmao!! Guess we know which ones the top.

that was amazing hahahaha

Later Phone Post 3.0

Can someone translate what he said? Thanks! Phone Post 3.0

Holy shit haha that dude couldn't believe he just got pimp slapped like that.

Nobody talk to prince like that Phone Post 3.0

I didnt hear them say they were gay. They look like average guys in 2014.

You have no idea how much roid rage there is in the gay community.  Every year for the Pride parade in San Diego every hotel is sold out, and the gay community is as random as any other.  Normal guys, queens, trannies, lipstick lesbians, butch lesbians, bears, and juiced-to-the-gills gym rats.  There are always fights and stabbings.  They argue like bitches, then their TRT kicks in and it's World War Gay.

Is that a cut on the guy's cheek where he got slapped?  Or just makeup?

Homeboy would easily test above Blue rank in Calo's Slap Fighting system

until Calo..

cogno Phone Post 3.0

Did you see the look of abject butt hurtness on that queens face? It's almost as if his butt hadn't been subjected to much, much worse before that. Phone Post 3.0