Best Video Editing Software!

Im not talking about cheap shit here

I want to know whats the bets for my customer, doing multiple layers and shit

Adobe Premiere

Pinnacle Liquid


can someone in this field list there top 3, thankx in advance

Avid is the industry standard. The main players for the prosumer are:

Avid - Express
Apple - Final Cut
Adobe - Premiere
Sony - Vegas

I'm a Premiere user but would love to switch to Avid (or even Final Cut if I can manage to get a Mac Powerbook). The Vegas crowd swears by it but like I mentioned before, Avid is the standard.

Omg, not this again

Go Vegas, September 2003 by Charlie White
"Beyond that, the interoperability between all of Pinnacle's editing systems and its formidable broadcast servers, media management tools and workgroup products is going to offer a major advantage to large production companies and broadcasters."

DV Magazine, September 2003 by Mark Santora
"Premiere users should consider this (Pinnacle Edition PRO 5) a serious upgrade path. AdobeĀ® should take notes. A lot of notes&..It's easily one of the best under-$1000 NLEs out there."

PC Magazine, August 2003 by Jan Ozer
"The new Pinnacle Edition 5 is the most effective video editor we've seen to date&the breadth and depth of its capabilities make it the only tool you're likely to need&"

Videography, June 2003 by Oliver Peters
"Finally, Pinnacle has taken DVD authoring one step further. In version 5 of the Edition software, DVD authoring features have been built right into the editing application. In this manner, an editor can create a DVD without having to swap between different applications.", June 2003 by Charlie White
"Edition 5 is first to market with effects that can use both the CPU and the GPU to display real time effects, and it works like a champ. It's stable, and the price is right. Highly recommended."


theres a comparrison chart on this page

Pinnacle looks like it kicks ass

I need to know for a customer, home user but heavy into this as a hobbie


got a website, dont think any of my supliers got that


Pinnacle is great, once you get the hang of it.

Don't be fooled by magazine write ups. Ask anybody in the industry and they will tell you to go with Avid.

There are also other considerations such as compatability with other programs used in video production. I'm a Premiere user mainly because of the top notch intergration of their products. In each of my productions I use Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects, and Encore (and that's just for Adobe programs - I use others as well).

Bottom line - if you're in the $1000 and below (or above as well) catagory, go with Avid for the best editing program. If you're just comparing the charts and basing your decision on that you may end up disapointed in the end.

Let me know if I can be of any more help.

thankx bud, good advice

u got a website for AVID, cant seem to find it, ill have to google it abit better

thankx again mabn, its mainly for home user doing it as a hobby

Final Cut Pro is nice.

I used to use Media 100 back in college. It was okay.