Best video game trolls you ever had?

I used to post on Stormfront as Alex Wysocki.

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I was playing a long and tough match in Fight Night Round 4 online and in the final round I used a low blow to daze my opponent and then I followed it up with a few punches and scored the knockdown. There wasn’t enough time in the round for him to catch me and do it back and I won a split decision on the judges cards, and the judges that said I won had me ahead by one point. Needless to say he was pissed off and messaged me. I was a master at talking shit in and about Fight Night back then and I just sent him trolling replies.


Any vids of this with audio? Lol

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in mark hunts book he tells a story about how he went to the house of a trol to woop his ass, but it turned out to be a kid when he answered the door

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Lol. Terrible. Let’s hear the story - must have caused quite the tantrum

Same! I made mine say “hoax” also may have created one where certain hooded knuckleheads had devised a ruse using a box, a stick, a string, and a watermelon.

Know how I know you’re a better person than I am?

It would have been so difficult for me not to spend the rest of my day fucking with them. I know work and that kind of thing but I have never had the reputation for letting things go :rofl::rofl:

Just in real life

from being too good at a game

a few guys lost their shit and broke stuff

wasn’t really trolling tho

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These are great

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For those of you that haven’t watched that channel, imagine that you have Steve Buscemi fucking up your game and playing stupid the whole time.

Him trolling the civil war game is one of the greatest things ever.

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Found it.


You have no idea the temptation. They were talking about hacking me.

I literally had admin access to every player’s account, I could’ve nerfed them back down to Prestige 0, or banned them if I wanted to. But can’t mess around with that shit in the workplace, there’s always a paper trail.

But yeah, in general on MP titles people who work on the games are instructed not to push the player base’s shit in those first couple of months. You want them to enjoy the game, not get frustrated and quit.


Weregonnalose is the fucking master!


I do love the buscemi troll


He’s a legend.


I’m sure someone would be all offended about you giving as good as you got by doing things like their whatever little thing on their profile to shit like “touching kids” or “intimate parties with sexual men”. That’s just the beginning. I’m sure that I’d be canned 10 minutes after I got hired.

That makes perfect sense. Who wants to play a game that they continuously lose?

Something cool is that I started day 1 on an MMORPG and, for the first week or two, you’d see a random person go running past with a name like “BalDev00451”. They were always very nice people. I thought that was pretty neat. I’d never experienced anything like that since that’s the only online game that I play.

I’m a notorious GTA Online troll. Super griefer that creates races and deathmatches based on wall breaches. I think my K/D is 81.50 or something ridiculous like that. I wild each it.

Weregonnalose is best gaming troll ever. 10 years of trolling. I have been posting his videoes here for a long time.

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This is from a 20 minute deathmatch where me and two friends get bikes, go up ramps, and drop back in with tanks. They have no weapons. lol

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I just play Fallout now though for the most part. lol