Best videogame ending ever...

What is the best video game ending you can remember. For me it has to be the ending to Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom.

After you've defeated the final boss, most games show some celebration cut-scene or crappy games just roll the credits. In WC 4 however, once you defeat Admiral Tolwyn, you are then put on trial where you have to answer a set of questions to prove your innocense, and prove that the admiral is a criminal. If you answer the questions right, the admiral gets sent to prison awaiting his execution. If you answer the questions wrong, you are sent to prison to be executed for treason.

Really great ending to a great game. Here's a clip of how it goes down:

thats a tough one, i am dissapointed by most of them

The ending I have give more thought to than any other game was Phantasy Star 2. Its a surprise ending and it never really explains what happened, nor does it in the sequels.

Most Confusing Ending: FF Tactics on PS

Knights of the Old Republic, when you have a female character, have turned to the Dark Side and have a love interest. In the end, after killing the main baddie, your loved one tries to turn you back, but "it is too late for you now" and you kill him in cold blood and then basically start to dominate the galaxy as the she bitch of the universe.

Before that you have also have killed couple of your ex jedi companions, mind tricked one of your companions to kill his best friend because she didn't co-operate and then killed the friend killer after he understood what he had done and attacked you.

Best ending was the marathon final battle and ending sequence from FFVI as well as the two accompanying songs for them.

Final Fantasy VII


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I liked FF7 best

Resident Evil 3 when they nuke Racoon city and your in the helicopter.

I liked God of War's ending. Actually, I thought the whole story throughout was great. Need to buy part 2 ASAP

^^ yes you do.
Although the ending isn't really an ending.

Kratos one hardcore son of a bitch.

Back on topic.
IMO, one of the sweetest endings is Bionic Commando for the NES. You blow up hitler for christ's sakes.

FFX had a pretty cool ending too.

And whoever mentioned Tekken above is correct.

I liked the ending to The Warriors.

In addition to getting the movie ending, with In the City playing, along with Last of an Ancient Breed, you get to control the Riffs as they beat down Luthor and the other Rogues.

I liked Ico's -- the reunion on the beach.

ppl who posted final fantasy 7 as their answer are either trolling or insane. worst. ending. ever!

Crump's Brother is correct. FFVI last battle and ending was one of the most satisfying endings of my gaming life.

FFX and FFVIII are up there too, and the FF series is usually the only series that can keep me interested long enough to beat them.

i have to agree with FF VI and X. I enjoyed the ending of the first 2 shadow hearts games a lot. and some of the endings to chrono trigger are cool

ppl who posted final fantasy 7 as their answer are either trolling or insane. worst. ending. ever!

I agree.

Zelda: Link to the past.