Best Vietnam Game is.....?

I was at Walmart tonight and wanted to get a game. I saw a couple of Nam games and could'nt decide wich one. They are not available for rent here.

Can anyone review any of the new Veitnam games here?

I think one is called "Purple Haze". The other is "Conflict Vietnam", if I'm not mistaken.

Honestly, IMO, Battlefield Vietnam right now. It's not realistic or anything but it can be very fun! Atmosphere of the game, music, weapons and vehicles all put you in the Vietnam'esque era.

If I'm not mistaken, there are a few more hardcore 'Nam games on the way shortly.

After watching a 'nam flick the other day I went out and hired about 3 xbox 'nam games (sorry I cannot remember their names) but they ALL sucked bigtime - poor gameplay, crap cut scenes - you name it they buggered it up.

Early PC Game 'Navy SEALs' was better than... everything that came after.

Damn Gooks: Nam 61