best way to cut weight?

what is the best/most efficient way to cut weight before a contest. Thanks in advance.

Ask on Chris Brennan's forum, he seems to have pretty good plans for some people. He himself seems to be a master of it as well.

gimme a call .HOw much you wanna cut.Moniter ur weight lose a few fast ones by lots of sweating and less eating Then when it gets close cut down more on eating and drinking then when its real close barley drink and sweat a lot

atkins, lots of water..

It depends

how much do you weigh, how much do you have to lose, how long do you have to lose it, and how long are the weigh-ins before the competition?

I would suggest staying clear of the atkins diet, with out carbs you'll be sluggish and useless, the trick is eating the right carbs at the right times (sorry MitsuyoMaed)

I lost 50 pounds in a month once when I wrestled in college. 208 to 158. I came in Super out of shape and fat.
First let me say: I DONT RECOMMEND CUTTING WEIGHT. It screws up your metabolism if done in large chunks and sustained over a long period of 2-4 months, say like a season of Wrestling. I have weight issues directly related to it.

Atkins seems to work for dieters but I do not consider that cutting.

Let's assume you have 30 days and want to get down 15 pounds. Week one cut your carb intake by 1/3 and up your water intake 50 percent. Work out 5 days a week preferably m,t,th,sat. This work out should be at least 2.5 hours and include 45 minutes of explosive live grappling. It should also include 30-45 min cardio. running, crawling etc. Always moving during this 30-45min. The remainder should be repetitive drilling at a disciplined pace. (for cutting purposes I have found it easier as a Wrestler to cut because of the takedown drilling versus being a BJJ guy now as that ground drilling is slower and your partner is not usually on pace). I use drilling as an opportunity to concentrate and practice versus cut weight though. Keep your focus on technique during this period of your work out. End your work out with some explosive sprints lasting at least 10-15 seconds long over 10 minutes with no more than 15 seconds of rest between. You are also to be eighing yourself every morning and every evening. You will notice that you should be 2-3 pounds lighter in the morning if under 23 years old if over then it will be less difference. This is your metabolism working.

Week two- similiar workouts, cut meats down by 50 percent and reduce water to 125% of base work out. Stay away from high fats and foods that do not breakdown to usable energy well. While your w/out stayed the same this week you start running. Start at 1.5 mile on day one at a very hard pace and each day increase your run by a 1/4 mile. Keep the pace the same though. 4 days of running this week. Roadwork in am, train pm or reversed. Cut out sodas and cut down on coffee this week.

Week three- Running 6 days a week, still train 5. Add
2-3 drilling sessions in if you have the time during the week. Should be separate from w/out and be 20-30 min of good solid focused drilling. If only training grappling drilling then make it 30-40 minute session.
Water intake should be back to beginning of month levels. Foods should be 5-6 meals a day of low fat, carbs in moderation.

Week 4- Mon and tues maintain last weeks diet. Running daily at longer distance, slower pace. I would work to 4 miles this week if not 5. But do not kill yourself with the pace. Change focus of drilling to cardio. DO not be sloppy but pace should be constant always working. Workout should be cut 2 hours but less down time and more intense as far as cardio goes. I would cut out the live sparring at full speed and rather concentrate on drills and 30 seconds of wrestle out of the position stuff. Keep the warm up hard and long, this is the chance to really sweat. Wed- Thurs. Each day have a moderate amount of carbs spread through out the day. I prefer carbs through wheat at this point like sandwiches etc.

Fri. is weigh in. If you have kept on track and modified to fit your needs you should be with in5 pounds friday morning.

W/up. Run. Sweat shirt and cap. Preferably a sauna suit if available. Run 3 mile. go to mat room if available and set a 15 minute timer. You will lose 5 in one hour using this workout. I have made assumptions that you work hard and have equipment.

Run in place and do in place aerobics. Kicks punches, shadow wrestling and sprawls for 5 minutes. stop and do 50 pushups and 50 situps. Begin same routine as previous for 5 minutes. use exercise bike for 10 minutes. Jump rope for 5 minutes. 50 push ups and 50 situps and then sit and sweat covered by a towel or blanket. You should be pouring at this point. wear a suana suit.