Best way to get condition w/o cond

What's the best way to up my conditioning while doing as little as possible? lol, I know this sounds ridiculous, but I hate doing conditioning. My knee has resulted in me being out of class for a little while, about 2 more months, and I dont want to get out of shape. I lift about 5 times a week, and hit the heavy bag, both of which I love.

I want to keep my lungs, so I accept the fact that I need to do conditioning. What's the most bang for my buck however?

Most bang for your buck would be high intensity, low volume. I'd try to look at what you don't like about conditioning, and find ways to make you like it though. Run on a treadmill while watching porn, whatever motivates you.

LOL @ "Run on a treadmill while watching porn"

The main thing I dislike is it's long and boring. And even worse, the better you get at it, the longer that boringness last :)

And if I ran watching porn I'm sure I'd either bail off the treadmill or just say screw it and head to the bathroom :P

go to the pub's St Paddys day....have several pints and we will figure this out tommorrow....:)

Hahah, excellent point Graden. Done!

Taku's intervals

Intervals are great.

where do you train in calgary McAdam?

"In shape" has a different interperation by everyone... are you alluding to general athleticism or specific athleticism? Namely what? Strength? Cardio? BP/RHR/lipid profiles? Performance in a specific lift? Or are you simply talking about esthetics?