Best way to get on a biphasic (two a day) sleep

What say you lads?

New job has me working really weird hours.

This week im basically like 3am-11am then 3pm-9ish depending on whats going on. Its flexible, but I wanna knock out as much work during the week as I can so I can have friday saturday and sundays off.

What say you? I slept from 9pm to 230am last night, but couldnt sleep during the day more than an hour or two. Thinking of taking a nap for the next few hours before I gotta be up.

Basically until I hit 40 hours unless OT is approved. I wanna plow through as many hours in the beginning of the week as I can so I have a long weekend. And I cant really do most of my job friday saturday sunday, so it looks ebtter if I bust my ass during the week.

Also, I work from home most of the time

Seems like a good way to get yourself sick and have a poor quality of life.

I understand, the early morning hours are only temporary until this project is done.

Kind of sounds like the Spaniards. I think they go from 1 to 2 am to 8 then a siesta around 1 to 2 pm for an hour, right? Just do that. They seem ok

ThePundidiot -

Ive never tried a scheduled split sleep schedule, but I have dealt with insomnia a bunch. From my research on that, effective sleep is all about 'sleep hygiene'

its all about creating the right atmosphere and training your body. 

- only use your bed for sleep (and sexy time)

- no phone, computer, tv in the bedroom

- only get in your bed when you intend to fall right asleep, no reading, nothing



But then where do I watch Netflix? On the couch???