Best way to get UFC 79 tix?

I want to purchase three tickets to UFC 79 in the $300 range. What is the best way to go about it? Ticketmaster and Mandalay Bay are sold out of these priced tickets. Are there some good brokers or web sites to go through? Thanks.


Please help. Thanks.

Stub Hub or craigslist or if your a player at MGM they offerred me free
rooms and tickets

DO NOT go to UFC Fight Club. They say for $80 you can get pre sale
on pre sale seats and its total BS. I bought it, waited and within 1
minute of seats going on sale all the floor seats are gone and you can
only buy 1st section off the floor (several rows back) for the price of a
floor seat.

You can send Zuffa $89 and ask them to send you back shit in the bag,
its worth more the UFC Fight Club membership.

It being new years the tickets wont be your only problem. Vegas is
booked for Superbowl and Chuck's fight will bring a crowd. Then CES
starts. Its going to be insane.

kind of late to buy $300 tix at face value for NYE Chuck vs Silva huh?

My bad. I know it is late but I live in Hawaii and I didn't think I was going
to be going to this fight till, I found out Hawaii was in the sugar bowl. My
trip is going to vegas then to new orleans, so I figure I would try and
watch the fights. Thanks for your help guys


Not possible at this point...

No chance getting $300 tix. Trust me. Been working on trying to get some for my friends.

Suck some cawk.

I knew it was going to come down to that. I better get some knee pads
then... hehehe

Thanks guys for the help


go to and go to las vegas, there are a bunch in that range

I'm sure you can pay $300 for seats that are actually in the $50 if you are lucky the $100 section.