Best way to hit a cart?

These fuckers make me cough like a son of a bitch on most hits. Any experienced peeps have any advice?


Depends, what kind you buy? What kind of battery so you own?

Don’t buy cheap cartridges

Volt down your battery pussy

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Just a cheap battery from a convenient store that changes from 2 to 4. And a cart that you just throw away. Now someone has the disposable ones. I got a couple of them when I went to Vegas and don’t remember coughing

Then he sends me this

I Norma use it at 2.5

You’re tolerance to those things is going to build up real quick. Hit it low and try to not to hit the full 8 or 9 seconds

Thanks. You aren’t always looking for a cloud? I try not to but it seems to happen anyway. I’ll try short hits.

My lungs are killing me today